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Simple and Quick

As a Serious Business Associate, you want to create a culture in your Organization of people, Associates, and Preferred Customers doing HRHHS meetings with or without you.

BECAUSE your Goal is to end up with a Minimum of 3 legs with at least 1

Level-10 Business Associate in each leg and you want to accomplish this by a certain date: ___________________. Accomplishing this will give you a $100,000++ annual Residual Income AND with Vollara’s NEW Comp Plan and the exclusive Host Rewards Healthy Home Showcase program you have access to, THIS CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED WITHIN 12-18 MONTHS. Would that change your life? If so, then get off your butt and make it happen!! Don’t quit or slow down until you are Level-10.

You MUST understand that these 3 Level-10 Business Associates do not have to be sponsored by you. They can come from anywhere in your organization. For example, you live in Atlanta and 750 miles away in Norman, OK, a lady in your organization who has never met you is doing a HRHHS in her living room, so she can get a free FreshAir Companion and she has no desire to do anything else. BUT in that meeting is a J K Baker or a Leia Ryan who is looking for an opportunity to change their lives and they get in Vollara and become a Level-10. You don’t have to babysit J K or Leia, they are going to do it with or without you, BUT you must create a culture that causes that meeting in Norman, OK to happen. THIS IS THE KEY.
To accomplish this, you must keep it simple so that anyone can easily do a HRHHS meeting.
To accomplish this, you must create a culture where 20 or 25 HRHHS meetings are going on in your organization EVERY WEEK.
To accomplish this, you must start the ball rolling by doing as many HRHHS meetings as you can every single week during this 12-18 months period. You set the example. To accomplish this, you cannot be jumping all over the board and changing the Process every other month. STICK TO THE PROCESS. Don’t confuse people.

Simple and Quick HRHHS meeting:

1. Read the HRHHS Script or the HRHHS Power Point. Don’t feel embarrassed if you read the script. The goal is not to impress people with your ability to hold a great meeting. Your goal is to have a presentation that is so simple that people say, “she/he read the entire presentation holding a clipboard – anybody could do that, including me!”

2. OrplaytherecordedHRHHSmeetingandeveryonejustwatchesthevideo.

  1. Have several people share their Vollara product and/or business testimonies. This is key to a

    successive HRHHS meeting.

  2. Feedback Cards must be filled-out. The Feedback Cards give you direction by telling you what

    each Attendee is interested in. That saves you time because you can get right to the point with each person. You must follow-up on every request made on the Feedback Card. Completed Feedback Cards increase your product purchases, gets more people signed up, and helps identify potential Business Building Associates.

  3. TheHRHHSRecapSheetmustbecompletedandsenttotheuplineBusinessAssociateifthe host of the HRHHS meeting is not a Business Associate.
  4. TheBusinessAssociatesubmitstheinformationfromtheRecapSheettoVollarabyclickingon the HHS icon in their back-office and entering the info.
  5. ScheduleasmanyHostRewardHHSmeetingsasyoucanfromtheattendeesatthemeeting. Really emphasize the Free Gift by hosting a Host Rewards HHS.
  6. VollarasendsthefreegifttothehostoftheHRHHSmeeting.
  7. Repeat–Repeat–Repeat–Repeat–Repeat–Repeat–Repeat–Repeat

10.Doing this Process, you will automatically end up with Preferred Customers, Retailers

(Associates who have skills in this area), Associates who talk big but only end up buying 1 product and you never hear from them again, Associates who quit before they get started, Associates that show great potential but end up doing nothing. You will have meetings where no one shows up or 10 people promised and 1 shows up. That’s life – accept it and move on. BUT in spite of all this, if you persist you will end up with a MINIMUM of 3 Level-10 Business Associates in 3 separate legs and now you are earning more MONEY than you ever have and you are FREE to do what you want to do with your life. I guarantee you it is worth the effort.

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