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Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurship. 

You have made a fantastic choice with Vollara.  Where else can you start a full fledge business with no upfront money and have the potential to build Financial and Time FREEDOM within 3 – 5 years.   Your future totally depends on you.  Your future is not determined by other people or circumstances.  You are the CEO and President.  Act like it.  You own this business.  It has your name on it.  Act like it.  All successful businesses have ups and downs, usually more downs than ups.  Successful Entrepreneurs stay full of passion, full of hope, and quitting is not a part of their DNA.  The cool thing about Your Vollara business is the positive impact your will have on yourself, the people around you, the new people you will meet, and the world you live in.  This business that you own is all pluses and NO minuses.  It is all positive.  It is a Win – Win for everyone.  In 5 years from today you will look back and say, I’m glad I did, instead of I wish I had. 

God Bless.  Now it’s time to start building your future!

Get yourself a 3-ring notebook. 

Print off the following documents and put in your notebook.  This will give you the basic information you need to build a business plus answer most questions that a Preferred Customer or Business Associate might have.  Anytime someone on your Team wants to build a business and is a Serious Business Builder, then show them your Notebook, give them this Get Started Information Sheet and have them put together their own Notebook.  * means you print off from your Vollara back office and ^ means you print off from our Team website;, from the dropdown list under “Gold”

Your Notebook Contents:

(Red may be given to Preferred Customer and Associate Customers)

  1. ProofBook*
  2. Compensation Plan*
  3. Executive Bonus Boost*
  4. Bonus Car Flyer*
  5. Vollara EZ-Pay Application*
  6. Vollara EZ-Pay FAQ*
  7. Helping Hand Scanner Worksheet^
  8. KZ Fact Sheet*
  9. KZ Q&A*
  10. Living Water Drinking and PH Chart^
  11. Why LivingWater (in the Archives section)^
  12. I Feel Great Brochure*
  13. I Feel Great Website^
  14. Essentials for Life Comparison Chart^
  15. Essentials for Life Fact Sheet*
  16. Essentials for Life Sell Sheet*
  17. Re:Vive Sell Sheet*
  18. Re:Vive Fact Sheet*
  19. Blank Checks^
  20. Vollara Ignite Rewards Program*
  21. Feedback Card^
  22. Full Spectrum Flyer*
  23. Whole Home Protection Pack Flyer*
  24. Tax Write-offs for Business Builders^
  25. Price List*
  26. Subscribe + Save *
  27. Income Calculator^
  28. Income Calculator Blank^
  29. The Power of 5 EFL calculator^
  30. The Power of 5 EFL + Scanner calculator^
  31. Read Our Mail^
  32. Business Builder Guideline^
  33. Whole Home Protection Pack FAQ^
  34. Opportunity and Helping Hand Scanner PPT^
  35. Residual Income, Generational Compensation, Rollups, and Internal Consumption^
  36. ESPN Letter^
  37. FreshAir Petri Dish Picture^
  38. Vollara Tech Products Retail Order Form*
  39. Vollara Nutrition Products Retail Order Form*

*Get from your Vollara Back Office in the Library section

^Get from in the dropdown section under “Gold”

Business Building Tips:

  1.  You do not want to overwhelm your PC and Associate Customers with stuff.  Focus on benefits of their Membership, i.e. S+S and the Whole Home Protection Pack.
  2. As a Serious Business Builder don’t get overwhelmed with details that don’t matter at the early stage of your career. Too much Analysis leads to Paralysis.
  3. Take full advantage of your Fast Start Period – from the time you become a Business Associate until the end of the following month.  Achieving Silver rank is a lot easier to attain in your Fast Start Period.  Refer to “How To Earn Silver” document.
  4. Every SBB should be on S+S & have a Whole Home Protection Pack in their home.
  5. Your first month on S+S and you’re the purchase of your Whole Home Protection Pack is a 100% tax write-off.  Yes, 100%.  That’s close to $2,200 in tax write-offs.  Which reduces the cost of your pack, like around $500.
  6. Take full advantage of each month’s specials and incentives from Vollara.  You can always find them in your Vollara Back Office.
  7. The focus for the SBB is to make their list and immediately schedule their      2 Health Scan meetings and 1-on-1’s with people on list.
  8. Review this Get Started Information Notebook in detail.
  9. Additional marketing materials not available from Vollara are at or can be obtained at or
  10. Don’t get overwhelmed with the Vollara Back Office.  All that is necessary is:
      1. How to sign up a PC or a Business Associate
      2. How to order, both individually or Auto Delivery (S+S)
      3. How to get info on products
      4. Product Videos in the “Library” section
  11. Customer Service # is 800-989-2299.  They can answer 99% of your Product, technical, and your back-office questions.  They do not answer questions on how to build your business.  Your upline SBB does!
  12. Briefly take time to get a good overview of and
  13. Objective:  Be earning $5,000 – $10,000 per month in Residual Income, have a bonus car, qualified for Good VIP Trip within 12-24 months
  14. The key to big Bonus Checks is getting your prospects and the members in your group buying S+S orders and the WHPP by duplicating the scanning meeting process
  15. Vollara EZCard.  Digital business card.  Recommended but not required. Cost: sign up for $15 + $5.95 per mo.  For more info go to:
  16. Start building a Text and Email Group for your Team.  “Remind App” is great for your Text Group.  You must be able to communicate with your entire Team quickly and this helps you do that.
  17. Learn the meaning of the terms; Residual Income, Generational Compensation, Rollups, and Internal Consumption.  They are key to understanding why our Business Opportunity is head and shoulders above anything else in the marketplace.
  18. Get Certified.  Vollara has a certification program.  You can get certified in Air Purification, LivingWater, and Nutrition.  This is a fantastic program.  Go to your Vollara Back-Office, click on Library, then click on Certification Materials.  Your confidence will grow exponentially after you are certified.

Personal Development – Your Key to Growth and Success

If you will embark on a journey of Personal Development as you build your business, you will end up with more Success than you could ever imagine!

Start with these resources:       

(*Order from Amazon*           ^ Get at in the Archives section.)

  1. The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla*
  2. Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson*
  3. Rise of the Entrepreneur DVD by Eric Worre*
  4. Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn  (Any resources from Jim Rohn is great)*
  5. The Business of the 21st Century DVD by Robert Kiyosaki*
  6. Cycle of Duplication^   In the Archives section under Business.
  7. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller*
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