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Customer Service 

You and everyone on your TEAM have a Customer Service Department to assist you. Contact Vollara’s Customer Service for all questions EXECPT business building questions. Train your Team to do likewise. Vollara has provided you free of charge a world class Customer Service Department. USE IT! ALWAYS contact your Support Team (your upline) with your business building questions, NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Go to for product and opportunity presentations.


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 IFG Leadership Journal
(a training guide)
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I Feel Great Challenge Guide
Word PDF

Cycle of Duplication Manual By Todd Smith

I Feel Great Brochure Insert
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Fresh Air Surround Test Guideline
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I Feel Great Possible Income Worksheet
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WIC Press Release (PDF) - Infinity2 is the former name for Vollara Supplements

Experiment with your new Fresh Air
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Why Living Water - Aquaporins
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Testimonies - Income
 - These 2 sheets show actual people in our group who built a business with us in Alpine using the same basic Comp Plan. You will see their incomes and their examples show you what you and everyone on your Team can do. This is great to show prospects and also as a handout. Remember, we are selling the Dream! Money is the common denominator. Not in a bad way, but we all need it, at least some of it. I tried living without it and it didn't work very well. We all need some of it. 

Testimonies - Nutrition
Word PDF

Testimonies - Technology

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Penny Doubled For 31 Days (Word) (PDF) - Most of you know this principle. It shows that things don't happen in your business quickly, it is a steady, persistent, and don't quit attitude, that makes it all happen eventually. This chart shows how 1 penny doubled every day goes to $10,000,000 in 31 days. YOUR BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME IF YOU FOLLOW OUR DIRECTIONS AND YOU DON'T QUIT.

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